Medicinal cannabis is LEGAL in UK on NHS prescription from TODAY


BRIT doctors can now prescribe medicinal cannabis to patients for the first time ever in the UK.

The drug is available to patients across England, Wales and Scotland after a major law change.

Products that can now be prescribed contain cannabis, cannabis resin or cannabinol.

But patients will only be prescribed it if their doctors feel they could benefit from it.

The government made the major change to the law after facing pressure from campaigners.

It is now facing pressure from Brits to make all forms legal, with 20,000 signing a petition for a people’s vote on cannabis.

After the supply was returned, home secretary Sajid Javid launched a policy review into the benefits of legalising medicinal cannabis.

The initial review by chief medical officer Dame Sally Davis confirmed that there was enough evidence to suggest it can be of therapeutic use.

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), which carried out the second part of the review, also confirmed that doctors should be able to prescribe infused products so long as safety standards are met.

Cannabis plant


Cannabis resin


PRESCRIPTION: Doctors can only prescribe the medicinal cannabis to patients it will

benefit (Pic: GETTY)
DECISION MAKER: Only doctors can prescribe the drug, it cannot be bought from shops (Pic: 
The discoveries resulted in a landmark law change that now sees medicinal cannabis become legal in Britain.

“For me what started off as a journey which was about the needs of my little boy actually turned into something, proved to be something, a lot bigger. It proved to be the needs of a nation,” Charlotte told Sky News.

“Medicinal cannabis gave me back my right as a mummy to hope, but the most important thing medicinal cannabis has done is given Billy back his right to life.”



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